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New Year, New (re)Solutions!

New Year, New (re)Solutions!

Fusedbone wishes a very happy new year to all our friends, partners and customers (future customers too!). May this year be the best one so far for all of you.

As this is our first blog post, it is appropriate to do an introduction of our solution.

Fusedbone is an end-to-end design and manufacturing service for patient-specific medical devices enabling medical centers and hospitals to produce their own medical devices on-site at the hospital. A wide-range of invasive and non-invasive medical devices like patient-specific upper extremity implants, trauma fixation plates, spacers, patient-specific surgical guides, splints, and anatomical models can be produced at the point of care (POC) as soon as a patient or specialist needs them. By decentralizing the production of these expensive devices, we drastically cut the costs and time hospitals need to get their hands on them, while providing a higher quality care to patients.

Fusedbone equips medical centers to the latest 3D printing equipment and materials suited to their requirements and provide a cloud-based design solution where surgeons can upload their information and patient images and receive the implant design files back.

To get a better understanding of our solution, check out this video of our co-founder Navid Ardakanian pitching Fusedbone at the Antler Amsterdam Demo Day 2019 last November.

We believe the future of medical devices industry lies greatly in Point-of-care production solutions, and Fusedbone is already bringing the solutions to medical centers.

Do you want to know how you can transform your center to the medical center of future? Contact us now for a free consultation meeting where we can identify your needs and help you with your trajectory towards the future!