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Fusedbone as one of the +155 Dutch Tech Heroes fighting Corona by

Fusedbone as one of the +155 Dutch Tech Heroes fighting Corona by

Being one of the +155 Dutch Tech Heroes who are fighting the pandemic COVID-19 in the Netherlands means a lot for Fusedbone. The current situation is challenging and it’s important to implement fast and effective digital solutions as soon as possible.

The start-up environment in the Netherlands is mainly dependent on technological advancement and we are proud to be one of the accelerators. As outlined by, implementing innovative solutions by tech start-ups can support and help to come up with new initiatives.

Fusedbone can be an answer to a need from an industry that has been experiencing a lot of changes with technology. The company was born with one main goal, to provide high-quality yet affordable patient-specific medical devices to patients all around the world. We bring a plug & play approach for every hospital and care center that wants to start a 3D printing lab and provide custom-made medical devices.

As our start-up is focused on medical devices, we see the importance of the healthcare industry and how it is globally affected. Our mission is to empower the system and enable us to provide services and products that are the most needed. By doing that we can help and fight the coronavirus together. It’s more important than ever to focus on collaboration and support each med-tech project.

Contact us if you want us to help you find a solution in this challenging situation as well!